Church Heritage Visit - Leominster Priory

Sue Child & Robert Garman

Tuesday 24th May 2016

Following a successful and thoroughly enjoyable visit to several smaller churches decorated by the mediaeval Hereforshire School of Sculpture, we now have the opportunity to visit Leominster Priory where more of their work will be examined and discussed by Sue Child and Robert Garman, with particular reference to Imagery. As well as being highly informative the first event proved to be very sociable too.

Please join us on Tuesday 24th May at 14.30 at the South Prorch, the main entrance. The tour will last about 1hr and tea will be taken nearby for those wishing to continue discource nformally. If you would like to come contact the organisers: Robert Garman is in the Membership booklet Tel: 01905640215 or by or