Young Arts Event

24th November 2019

The Arts Society, Teme Valley

Young Arts: Tenbury High School at Kinki Glass 12 November 2019

We were delighted to be able to sponsor a Young Arts project in November. We helped to pay for a group of Year 10 pupils from Tenbury High School to go on a one day course at the Kinki glass studio at the Ironbridge Tile Museum. Kinki is an anagram of Nikki, the owner’s name.

When representatives from The Arts Society, Teme Valley arrived, they found the children deep in concentration over their work. Each one was decorating three four inch by four inch glass tiles. They were using designs previously created during a project on Alice in Wonderland so they had their portfolios to hand.

I saw a lot of card suit signs – spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs but one tile displayed a beautifully executed leaping hare. I looked over one girl’s shoulder. She had produced an exquisite toadstool with a caterpillar on top. I asked her how she had done it. She answered “patience”. The work of cutting tiny holes in Fablon to produce the dots on top of the toadstool must have been painstaking indeed.

Sticking Fablon onto a tile then cutting it away so that the design would appear when colour was applied was one of the techniques on offer on the day. They also learnt how to use the electric engraving tool and the sandblaster which produced a clouded effect in the colour.

Nikki explained that a piece of clear glass would be fused over each pupil’s three tiles to join them together and make a very lovely memento of this special day. I felt proud that our Arts Society had helped to make possible this terrific learning experience.


Ann Marriott

24th November 2019