Late Summer Newsletter

24th August 2021


At last, I can write to you with some positive news about our forthcoming season of lectures.  We can use the Assembly Rooms from September but the first one on ‘Paul Nash and the Landscape of Mystery’, scheduled for 15th September, will have to take place in Oscars.  This is because the screen in the new auditorium was so badly damaged by the builders that a new one has had to be ordered and has to travel from Italy.  We can also have our refreshments afterwards at the back of Oscars.  Please try to renew your membership before the lecture as we do not want over long queues in a relatively restricted area.  Those of you who cannot download the Membership form and Gift Aid form will be able to pick up hard copies on the 15th and membership cards will also be available.  The lecture will start at the usual time of 2.15 pm.

Then, for the second lecture on 20th October (Sandy Burnett on music of the Baroque era: ‘Misshapen Pearl’) we can celebrate being in the main auditorium.  As the committee and I wish to make an event of this, we have decided that it would be wiser not to try and hold our annual AGM (scheduled for October) at the same time.  Fortunately, there is some flexibility in the wording of our Constitution so we can hold the AGM prior to our November meeting instead.  The lecture planned for then is about album sleeve art 1950-2000; perhaps I will dig out my ‘Sergeant Pepper’ one!

I am sure that, like me, you will be so glad to participate in ‘live’ lectures again, especially those of you who could not receive Zoom.  I hope those members who did watch the four lectures transmitted this way enjoyed them, although there were some sound issues with one of them.  I particularly enjoyed Bertie Pearce’s entertaining guide to the way in which artists have contrived to deceive us through many centuries and the one which we had to cancel at the last minute in March 2020, ‘The Empty Chair’.  Do look at Caroline’s review of ‘Now you see it, now you don’t’ on the website.

Those of you who are keen gardeners will have been impressed by the final Zoomed lecture on ‘English Garden design’ which ties in with the planned visit to The Rodd near Presteigne (house, garden, and Sydney Nolan’s studio) on 22nd September.  If you are online you will already have received details of this event but, if you are not, and wish to go (own transport but I am sure lifts can be arranged) it would be a good idea to ring Judith Payling on 01588-660292 to let her know, rather than leave it till the first meeting.

Meanwhile, can I remind you that more details of all the lectures I have mentioned, both past and future, are to be found on our excellent website: .  Also please tell your friends about us and encourage them to come along to a lecture so that they can appreciate for themselves the superb quality and what a friendly society we are.  

I hope you have remained healthy and Covid free during this long and difficult interregnum and I look forward to greeting you once more on 15th September.

Yours sincerely,

Lesley Shew, Chair of ASTV