January Newsletter

15th January 2018


                The Arts Society Teme Valley

Dear Arts Society Member,

Welcome to 2018 and I hope you enjoyed a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Unfortunately, I have to start with an S.O.S., meaning SAVE OUR SOCIETY!  Our current treasurer’s health situation does not permit him to continue in this role any longer so we have to find a new treasurer as a matter of urgency.  I am sure you will understand that without a treasurer we cannot function as a Society:  lecturers must be paid, cheques banked, etc.  If anyone would like to discuss this post with me, with a view to considering taking it on, please telephone me on 01584 – 892096 or email me at lesley.shew@uwclub.net .  Meanwhile, I am sure you will wish to extend your sympathies to both Michael and his wife Pat at this difficult time.

So to our lectures for the next three months: -

We have a very interesting and varied range of topics with ‘The Dance Macabre’ in January, ‘Basingstoke’ (!) in February, and then something more traditional, ‘The Covent Garden Piazza’ in March.  I am also really looking forward to the Study Day on 27th March which combines Painting and Music.  I do hope this event will be well supported.  If you find it difficult to attend Study Days, because they are held at Eye, do let me know and I am sure lifts can be arranged with car-driving members.

A small group of us, who went by car, enjoyed an entertaining and informative visit to the Kidderminster Museum of Carpet at the end of November.  We had knowledgeable guides to every stage of the development of carpet-making, who were also able to demonstrate the many techniques, from when it started as a cottage-based industry to the huge and complex machines used to produce Axminster carpets.  After a very generous lunch we were able to study some of the Museum’s precious designs from their archives.  As you already know, we are planning a trip to Compton Verney for the Eric Ravilious Exhibition in April.  Many of you enjoyed the lecture on this artist in September so I hope you will be coming on this related visit, as we definitely require a coach and therefore need enough customers to justify the cost.

Please support your Committee in their efforts to provide you with an interesting and varied programme of events for the rest of the 2017/18 season and we are looking to recruit some new members to help us for the coming year.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year,

Best wishes,

Lesley Shew  

Chair, Arts Society Teme Valley