Health and Safety information for Meeting on September 15th

13th September 2021



Health and safety and Covid 19 Security for our September lecture


In accordance with regulations we have liaised with the Ludlow Assembly rooms to take all measures to ensure your safety on Wednesday 15 September.  LAR will have carried out all necessary cleaning procedures prior to your arrival which will be via the Oscars Alleyway. In addition they have asked us to carry our safety procedures.  Accordingly, on arrival at Oscars:


At this first meeting, for fire regulations, you will be asked to sign in with your name only, in the corridor


Once you enter, to avoid crowding as much as possible, please go to one of three stations


  1. If you have already paid: collect your membership card and vouchers from Judith Payling on the left of the door
  2. If you need to pay your subscription: go to Jeff Walker, opposite, with, preferably, your completed application form and payment.
  3. If you are a visitor please go  to Caroline Jamison to pay £8 and give your details (brief)


  • We would be grateful for exact money if you are using cash to avoid handling change.




Masks – we would prefer you to use masks in the building and while you are moving around, but you may take them off during the lecture if you wish.


Cleaning - Ludlow Assembly Rooms regularly cleans Oscars side of the building. Extra attention is paid to doors, door handles, hand rails and other communal surfaces. There are several hand sanitiser stations on the stairwell and at the entrance. But you may wish to bring your own wipes for areas such as the toilets.  


Covid 19 Symptoms


If you are experiencing Covid 19 symptoms please do not enter the Assembly Rooms. 


If you test positive for Covid 19, after attending the lecture  at the Assembly Rooms, please ensure that you contact Natalie Watkins (07434657415) or Helen Hughes ( 07813 651545) and inform them. Should someone at another class/activity/event held at the Assembly Rooms, or a staff member test positive for Covid 19 you will be informed.


Thank you for your co-operation


The Arts Society committee