Easter Newsletter

18th April 2019



This is to confirm that we will continue to use the Assembly Rooms (ie Oscars) in Ludlow for the remaining Lectures of this season.  Enquiries concerning alternative locations in the town did not produce anywhere that was both suitable and available on our dates in April and May.  Also, the builders have been asked to do their best to ensure no disturbance on these two remaining afternoons.  We felt that the only viable alternative, namely Cawley Hall, would prove too difficult for some members.

I am sure you will be pleased to hear that assessments for the January, February and March lectures were all ‘excellent’ and ‘outstanding’ for Peter Medhurst’s Study Day.  There are now reviews of “Buddha goes Bang”, “Same old, Same New” and the Study Day on the website.


The Arts Society West Mercia Area, of which we are part, is looking to produce a booklet entitled   ‘50 Treasures ‘ which will highlight little known but important and interesting works of art in our area.  Works of art is a wide ranging term encompassing anything of artistic merit or value.  It would include, for example, important architectural features and stained glass as well as a wide range of artefacts both old and new.  One item that springs to mind is that recent find, the Ludlow Heraldic Roll.

Given that sometimes such ‘treasures’ are best known to locals, we are asking members to nominate anything they consider might be appropriate.  These suggestions will then be forwarded to the Area Committee for potential inclusion in the booklet.  Ideally, we would like at least 3 objects/places from our Society but more would be even better.  Please think about this and let me have your suggestions during the summer.  In due course we will need a photograph and a suitable description but have to ensure there are no copyright issues.

Some other Arts Society Areas have already produced this kind of booklet so we will try to get copies for you to see at a future lecture.  The idea behind this is to sell the booklet to raise funds and to publicise our area to visitors.  Any funds raised will be shared between the contributing societies and the West Mercia Area.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter

yours sincerely,

Lesley Shew

Chair, The Arts Society, Teme Valley