Arts Society Lectures at Home

5th May 2020

The Arts Society Lectures at Home

Reviewed by Ann Marriott

I urge you to watch these lectures. Each takes only 25 minutes. When last I looked there were four lectures on the Arts Society website. Scroll down to the banner Arts Connected click on a button “talks and lectures” and you get “Lectures at Home”. Click to play the video.

The most recent is the one you get first. As at 1 June, it is about the new polymer £20 note which contains an image of the artist Turner. The lecturer points out that this is the first time a painter has been so honoured. She covers the history of money note design and ends with a remarkable trick you can do with a mobile phone to see the famous image of Turner’s  Fighting Temeraire on the £20 note.

The next lecture on the website is about the design of glass which we are told underwent a revolution in the 1960s – well worth watching.

Earlier lectures were about Venice in the 1400s and a well known painting by Velasquez –well worth your time.

Further lectures will be added. Those planned at present will be on:

2 June

16 June

30 June