Windsor: the Greatest Castle in the World

Jonathan Foyle

Wednesday 15th May 2019

Windsor Castle is an improbable vision and its survival is alone remarkable. Its immense stories remain embedded in a bewildering array of arts. Twenty years of investigations have revealed new insights into the evolution of a royal residence of unique complexity. This talk, by the author of the Royal Collection’s substantial new guidebook to Windsor Castle, concentrates on how Windsor was made, and by whom, drawing on evidence to illustrate the royal apartments, St George’s Chapel and the legendary Round Table building.

 Dr Jonathan Foyle was Chief Executive of the World Monuments Fund Britain for eight years and a curator of Historic Buildings at Hampton Court for as long. He is a frequent feature writer for the Financial Times on issues of architecture, history and craft and is approaching his fourth published cathedral monologue: Canterbury, Lincoln, Lichfield and now Peterborough. Jonathan has been a presenter on numerous TV series including BBC 4’s ‘Henry VIII: Patron or Plunderer?’ And BBC2’s ‘Climbing Great Buildings’. He brings teaching experience as a former Course Director for the University of Cambridge Summer School and is an Honorary Professor of Conservation at the University of Lincoln.