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Welcome to The Arts Society Teme Valley. We draw our members from across the community and are dedicated to promoting the appreciation and enjoyment of the Arts. We look at the history and contribution to our heritage of all forms of the Arts in their many guises including painting, sculpture, design, theatre, music and architecture.

We are proud of our series of well-supported lectures given by renowned experts on a wide variety of interesting subjects.  They are held on the 3rd Wednesday each month from September to May in the Ludlow Assembly Rooms.  See Lectures for more information.  We also organize Study Days, and Visits. Other events will be advertised from time to time.

Come and join us on a Wednesday afternoon from two o’clock at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms to find out more and enjoy listening to a talk about something you had never realized was so fascinating.

To find out how to join us or become a member and find out more about us, please click on Join Us  and the other tabs above.   We are a member of The Arts Society and are part of The Arts Society West Mercia area.

See below for updates to our normal procedures due to the Covid Virus

Members Update on the 2020-2021 Programme

Dear Members

In consultation with our focus group, we have booked a number of really interesting lectures for the rest of the 2020/2021 season and hope that you will all be keen to pick up where we left off.

For the time being however, all Lectures shown in this web site will be available only by Zoom. The Society plans to reintroduce “real” Lectures again at the newly renovated Ludlow Assembly Rooms at the start of the next Season in September 2021. One week before each Zoom Lecture, all paid up Members and Guests who have paid the Guest Fee will receive an email giving full instructions on how to access it. A reminder email will be sent the day before the Lecture. General information on accessing Zoom Lectures is given in the ASTV Guide to the use of Zoom which is in the Documents tab of this web site. Lectures start at 2.15pm.


We plan to start the 2021-2022 programme in September 2021 as usual with a full membership fee.   We also expect to organise Visits and Days of Special Interest again as soon as we are able.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to this season. 

Best Wishes   

Caroline Jamison and Linda Henry

Programme Co-ordinators


The New Programme for 2020-2021

21 April 2021

Wonder workers and the Art of Illusion

Now you see it, now you don’t

Bertie Pearce


19 May 2021

The Empty Chair in art, from Van Gogh to Ai Weiwei

The humble Chair as a conduit for profound ideas

Angela Findlay


16 June 2021

The Art of the Steal:

Nazi Looting during WW2

Shauna Isaac


21 July 2021

The subtle science and exact art of colour in the English garden design

Why gardening can rank as a fine art.

Timothy Walker


Further information on these Lectures can be found on the Lectures page.

Reviews of Lectures, Study Days and Visits.

You can read a review of some Lectures after they have been given by navigating to "Previous Lectures" on the Lectures Page. Click on the particular Lecture in which you are interested and, if it exists, the Review will be found beneath the Description of the Lecture. To read reviews of some of the  Study Days or Visits, follow the same principle as above but navigate first to the relevant page ie "Study Days" or "Visits" and then proceed as above.

Should you wish to make your own comment on any Lecture, Study Day or Visit for posting on this web site, please download the Comments Form from the Documents tab and once completed, email it to Geoff Neden : The Society reserves the right to edit any such comments.

 Reviews of On Line Alternative Programmes.

Should you wish to make your own comment on any On Line Alternative Programme for posting on this web site, please proceed as above but use the On Line Programme Comment Form from the Documents tab instead of the Comments Form.