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An Update on what the Publicity and Programme Group have been doing


Dear All – Unusual times


All Arts Society activities have been suspended on both a National and local level and there is much uncertainty about when or how normal service will resume. Rest assured your committee at the Arts Society Teme Valley is still working behind the scenes preparing a programme for the next year in the certain hope we can all meet again sometime before the end of 2020.  We have already booked lectures by: Sandy Burnett on Beethoven at 250; Christopher de Hamel on Duc de Berry; Anne Anderson on How we got to IKEA and Bertie Pearce on Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion.  We will be booking further lecturers shortly.


Many of the committee have been following with interest the exciting opportunities provided by the Arts Society website.  If you haven’t logged onto this please do -  and where there is an excellent series of short lectures which so far have included Jacqueline Cockburn on Las Meninas and Sarah Dunant on Venice, Dressed and Undressed. Future lectures include:


Mark Hill:                         5 May


Nicola Moorby:             19 May


Marc Allum:                    2 June 


Rebecca Hossack:        16 June 


Sandy Burnett:               30 June


We have also been enjoying the BBC series on Museums in quarantine.  


In addition, courtesy of the West Mercia Arts Society website, you will find below is a list of cultural websites that may be of interest to you during this time of self-isolation. Click on each name to access the site.


1. The Arts Society Connected


2. Acropolis, Athens


3. Bill Nighy does the Courtauld


4. Buckingham Palace 


5. Colosseum, Rome


6. Cranach: Artist and Innovator at Compton Verney, Warwickshire


7. Eiffel Tower, Paris


8. Giotto's Arena Chapel, Padua


9. Jan van Eyck's portraits and altarpieces


10. La Musee du Louvre


11. National Theatre weekly plays


13. On Being Present, Uffizi, Florence


14. Opera every day from the Met


15. Petra, Jordan


16. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt


17. Royal Opera house performances


18. Sainte-Chappelle, Paris


19. Sistine chapel and Vatican Museums


20. Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, New York


21. The Metropolitan Museum of Art 


22. The National Gallery


23. Titian, Love, Desire and Death at the National Gallery


24. Victoria and Albert Museum


In addition you can sign up to the Arts Society Newsletter.  We hope you find all this useful and helps pass this interminable hiatus in our lives. If you have heard of or found other interesting offerings please let us know by email or by sending the information to our website manager Geoff Neden ( who will post it for you.  Stay well, stay in touch with the Arts and let us celebrate a new year of our Arts Society soon.


Caroline Jamison, Co-Programme Secretary

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Owing to renovation works currently being carried out by the Ludlow Assembly Rooms (LAR), from now until further notice, Lectures will take place in Oscars, NOT in the auditorium. The coffee and tea sessions after the Lectures will be held in the Studio. LAR will provide signage to enable visitors to find Oscars as the usual entrance will be closed. Should the improvement works at LAR ever preclude the use of Oscars, details of an alternative venue will be published here.


Further information on the Lectures mentioned above will be included on the Lectures page once it becomes available.

Visitors welcome, pay £8 at the door


You can read a review of some Lectures after they have been given by navigating to "Previous Lectures" on the Lectures Page. Click on the particular Lecture in which you are interested and, if it exists, the Review will be found beneath the Description of the Lecture. To read reviews of some of the  Study Days or Visits, follow the same principle as above but navigate first to the relevant page ie "Study Days" or "Visits" and then proceed as above.

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